COVID-19 Testing Products

We understand that governments globally require large volumes of COVID-19 testing products that are reliable, accurate & safe, in order to continue fighting against the spread of the virus. We're committed to providing a holistic solution for gold standard testing, which has already been used to conduct millions of tests in the Asia Pacific region. 

Swab & Saliva Kits

01 Swab & Saliva Kits

Collection & Transport

The swab kit is a ready-to-use system for the collection & transport of viruses obtained from clinical specimens, compatible with the below PCR kit. Each kit contains; a nasopharyngeal swab in a sterile peel pouch with a swab to collect the sample, a 3ml viral transport medium (VTM) & a biohazard bag used to place the VTM tube in for transportation. 


The VTM-N consists of EDTA, guanidine salt & Tris-HCI buffers. Guanidine salts act as the protein deformers & nuclease inhibitors deactivate the virus but do not affect the integrity of the viral nucleic acid. 

C. Saliva Sample Collection

The saliva sample collection kit is fully certified for use across Asia-Pacific, Europe & USA. Each kit contains a preservative transport solution, saliva collection tube, funnel, specimen bag and instructions for use.


02 Extraction

Qualitative Detection & Purification
A. Extraction Kit

The Viral RNA Extraction Kit is designed for the extraction & purification of nucleic acid from swab & saliva samples. It will provide 32 reactions/kit, utilising magnetic bead technology, to bind the nucleic acid, wash the bound nucleic acid & subsequently elute the purified nucleic acid. The Viral RNA Extraction Kit can be run manually, automated with our Magec 32 Instrument, or on the Thermo ScientificTM KingfisherTM Flex Purification System.

B. Extraction Machine

The Magec 32 machine is a research-only instrument, to be used in conjunction with the above Viral RNA Extraction Kit. Product Features include; the user-friendly interface, touch interface with mouse input availability, heating function during lysis & elution, UV Lamp for sterilisation, quiet operation without vibrations, one-step operation without vibrations (preventing potential contamination), rapid extraction, and high purification yield.

PCR Analysis

03 PCR Analysis

Amplification & Data Analysis
A. PCR Kit

The COVID-19 Test-Kit is used for the qualitative detection via multiplex Real-Time PCR of 2019-nCoV specific RNA in nasopharyngeal swab samples. A positive test result from the test may indicate the presence of 2019-nCoV specific RNA in the test sample. There is no cross-reactivity with SARS, Influenza A H1N1, Influenza A H3N2, Influenza B, or MERS. "In terms of clinical sensitivity, the COVID-19 Test-Kit has been able to detect 100 percent of the positive samples tested, with no false positive & negatives reported".

B. PCR Machine

The PCR instrument is a fully integrated quantitative PCR amplification, detection & data analysis system. Key features & functions include; gene expression analysis, new genotyping/HRM capability, mRNA quantification, NGS quantification (library preparation, result validation, nucleic acid monitoring, rare allele detection), a dynamic range of 9 orders of magnitude, & operates at a maximum altitude of 2000m and in 20-80% humidity. 

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